When Binky, a 15-year-old dog, disappeared, his family was engulfed in worry. In the midst of relocating to a new home, they paused everything to search for their cherished pet. Binky had a microchip, and his family clung to the hope that someone would find him and contact them. Despite delaying their move as long as possible, they eventually had to relocate. Three years drifted by, and the family gradually lost hope of ever embracing Binky again.

Unbeknownst to them, a turning point was just around the corner. A compassionate individual discovered Binky in a dire state, wandering the streets of Summerville, South Carolina. They promptly contacted Dorchester Paws for assistance.

April Howard, director of Dorchester Paws, described Binky’s condition to The Dodo: “His fur was heavily matted, particularly around his eyes, making it difficult to see if he had eyes at all. His nails were so long they curled, and he was plagued with a terrible odor and rotting teeth.”

Binky was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic. There, his matted fur was shaved, liberating his eyes and allowing him to finally see. The veterinary team began treating him with medications to alleviate his discomfort. Despite his ordeal, Binky remained amiable and quickly endeared himself to his caregivers with his sweet nature.

After his grooming, the vets checked for a microchip and were thrilled to discover he had a family. They immediately contacted Binky’s family, who were astonished and overjoyed at the news of his discovery. It was remarkable that Binky had survived on the streets for so long, but even more astonishing was that he was found far from his original home in Georgia.

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The shelter staff eagerly prepared for Binky’s reunion with his family, who were equally excited. Despite living six hours away, the shelter staff drove Binky to his family. Upon seeing Binky, his family was moved to tears, embracing him lovingly. Binky, mostly blind and deaf, recognized his family by their scent, relaxing into his mom’s arms, visibly content.

Though unable to see or hear them, Binky felt his family’s love, having missed them dearly. After his return, Binky’s health began to decline. His family stayed by his side, comforting him with gentle strokes and expressions of love, until he peacefully passed away.

Binky’s family cherishes their memories with him and is grateful for the time they had, especially his final days filled with endless love.

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