Sometimes dogs get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky places, and need a little help from their human friends to get free.

That was the unusual situation one curious dog got into recently, after getting his head stuck in a dryer vent — thankfully, police and firefighters came to save the day.

On November 30, a dog named Spike stuck his head through a dryer vent and got stuck in the exterior wall of his Sumter, South Carolina home.

Spike’s owner’s grandmother Drusilla Harvin was babysitting the dog while her grandson was at school. Unable to free Spike on her own, she called for help.

Soon, officers from the Sumter Police Department and the Sumter Fire Department showed up to help. Photos show the responders disassembling the exterior wall, opening up enough space for Spike to get unstuck. The rescue reportedly took about an hour.

The police department shared the story on Facebook, writing that Spike was fine after he was “freed from his unfortunate circumstance,” and went off to “see what else he can get into for the day.”

“I am thankful for the time and the care from both police and fire department for [rescuing] Spike,” Drusilla commented on the post.

While the story is unusual, the grandmother wasn’t too surprised and says that Spike likes “to get into things,” according to WLTX.

Thank you to everyone who helped Spike get free! We hope this curious little dog doesn’t get himself stuck anywhere else!

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