Nellie, a precious puppy, was dumped by a breeder because of a genetic condition. Nellie is deaf and blind, but that doesn’t deter her one bit! Her foster parents are amazed by how well she navigates the world. They swear her astute nose is why she’s adjusted so well. She’s such a happy little girl!

Her foster parents are careful not to move things around so she doesn’t get confused. Nellie chases the other dogs at full tilt, enjoying every second with her new playmates! She also loves to snuggle. It’s truly beautiful to see her let her guard down and be at peace, despite her unfair start in life.

Nellie’s veterinarian assured her foster parents that she is used to her condition and doesn’t know any different. Her foster mom says, “She’s never known any different, so she thinks she’s normal.” But we all know she’s not “normal”; she’s exceptional! The breeder may have thought she was trash, but she is far from it!

The previous homeowners also had dogs and they loved to bury their toys and bones. Nellie will dig around, looking for treasure using her nose as her superpower. Nellie is still looking for her forever home. But we have no doubt she will find the perfect family!

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with the little warrior! She’s simply too cute for words! Thank you to all the amazing fosters out there.

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