Wilson was found wandering, and I was asked to take him in. The shelter thought he only had a few days left.

He was lethargic and frail, but very sweet considering life didn’t look like it had been kind to him. He is missing his lower jaw, as well.

I gave him love, snuggles, good food, treats, and vet care, and he is thriving at 14-plus years! He’s been pure joy for the past four months. I only wish I knew him sooner and gave him the best life, but I will make whatever time he has left the absolute best for him.

The other seniors love him. I even had the opportunity to bring him to one of my jobs in an assisted living facility, and he was a hit! People just lit up around him; grumpy residents smiled and started chatting. He loved the attention.

He’s very smart too! I’m blessed to have found him.

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