This story is about a smart Golden Retriever named Jackson, who was adopted from a shelter by Steve Moore. Despite varying views of animal enthusiasts, Jackson’s sharp intellect is unmistakable. Steve Moore committed to training Jackson every day after bringing him home.

In just a month, Moore had successfully trained Jackson to perform a remarkable feat. People who had previously overlooked Jackson were now captivated by his newfound skill and expressed a desire to adopt him. To enhance Jackson’s abilities, Moore took him to bustling, loud places for training, helping him adapt to such settings. He taught Jackson to sit and stay, gradually extending the duration of this exercise. Eventually, Moore trained Jackson to maintain his sit-and-stay position even as he moved away from the dog.

He repeatedly practiced leaving Jackson alone in a safe and secure place while he went into stores to complete his errands. This was a better option than leaving Jackson in a car, where he could overheat since dogs are typically not allowed in most stores. Leaving Jackson untethered provided him the freedom to run to safety in case of an emergency situation.

In the last step, I trained Jackson to sit and stay while wearing a sign around his neck that says “Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.” Despite the commotion around him and people approaching him to say hello and pet him, Jackson waits patiently for his human to come back.

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