Molly has had a difficult existence. Her owner, whom she was abandoned, tried to murder her three times. She survived and escaped her life of suffering with only a skin problem. She began to lose her hair as a result of being left untreated, but it was nothing that some medicine couldn’t cure.

All of her bad days are now behind her. Molly snored through the first sound sleep after Sidewalk Specials rescued her. She may finally get a good night’s rest knowing that she will never be beaten again.

Today, Molly looks like a whole different dog. She received treatments for her skin condition, and all of her beautiful white furs grew back. She has since been adopted and wears a permanent smile on her face.

When Molly’s mother first laid eyes on her, she felt an immediate connection. She knew she had to open herself up and let this adorable girl pup into her life. Molly now has a pillowy bed to sleep in and canine siblings to play with.

You’re going to LOVE to watch Molly’s INCREDIBILE transformation in the video below. And, be sure to watch it ALL the way until the end, it’s truly AMAZING! ❤️

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