A stray dog who fought for survival after being paralyzed in a hit-and-run has been making a miraculous recovery — and is now looking for a home.

A dog named Buster was taken in by Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) earlier this year after he was struck by a car in the Bahamas, leaving him in critical condition.

After the hit-and-run the poor dog could do nothing but try to drag himself to safety. He reportedly dragged himself across the pavement for weeks.

“His kneecaps were raw and bloody down to the bone from dragging on the pavement,” FUR wrote in a Facebook post. “His underside was raw and infected, he was miserable, and everyone just passed him by as if he were invisible.”

Finally, a local rescue group came to his aid, but there were no orthopedic specialists who could help him, so he was emergency transported to the Florida rescue.

Buster received the best care and treatments, and was placed in a loving foster home. Vets found that he had a severe spinal injury, resulting in rear-end paralysis, and he was not a candidate for surgery. However, electro-acupuncture sessions to stimulate his nerves have shown progress, and doctors hope he will eventually be able to spinal walk.

In the meantime, he has been getting around thanks to a wheelchair provided by Walkin’ Pets, which he reportedly loves.

“Through it all, Buster is getting more comfortable and confident each day,” FUR wrote. “Despite his terrible injuries, this is probably the best life Buster has ever had. He’s getting lots of attention, he’s not hungry and searching for food, and he’s getting lots of love.”

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As Buster continues his progress and recovery, the rescue has placed him up for adoption, hoping to find a forever family who will continue to help Buster live his best life.

“As a paralyzed pup, he needs a little extra help, but within minutes of meeting him you’ll see that he is absolutely worth it,” Buster’s adoption page reads. “If you’re looking for a best friend that will love you unconditionally for years to come, look no further than Busterino.”

Florida Urgent Rescue says that Buster is good with kids and other dogs, is neutered and up to date on his shots. Anyone interested in adopting him can complete an application with Florida Urgent Rescue.

This sweet dog has been through so much, we hope he finds a loving forever home soon! Please share this story to spread the word and help Buster get adopted! ❤️🐾

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