A dog who was nearly euthanized for having a lump on her head — but now this “unicorn” pup has a great new life after getting a second chance

Last year, the Labelle Foundation took in a “sweet pittie girl” named Strawberry. According to a social media post, the dog was in terrible shape and was nearly euthanized before they stepped in to save her.

Strawberry had two large lumps on her head, and was in a “state of such neglect”: she had mange and her skin was bright pink from infection.

The Labelle Foundation took her in, and after running tests determined that the bumps on her head were not life-threatening; they were just scar tissue from an old injury.

However, the lumps could not be removed: the rescue said that the surgery to remove them would just be for cosmetic reasons and ran the risk of brain trauma.

With the lumps permanent, the rescue was determined to find a family who would love this little “unicorn” dog despite her appearance.

“We love our little unicorn just the way she is and we know we will find somebody who feels the same!” they wrote.

Thankfully, one family heard Strawberry’s story and quickly fell in love with the “very unique” dog.

“I just kept seeing her picture pop up on the foundation’s Instagram page and she was still available,” Kristen Kuhlman of South Pasadena, California told Today. “She just had such gentle eyes and, you know, I had never seen a dog like her ever before… She’s very unique and recognizable and one in a million, one of a kind.”

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Kristen and her family adopted Strawberry in September, and the mom told Today that Strawberry had a tough time adjusting to her new home.

“Strawberry’s been through a lot in her life,” Kristen said, explaining she “didn’t know what was happening” and would cry at night.

But over time, Strawberry adjusted to her new surroundings and loves her adopted family.

“She came out of her shell within a couple of weeks and she became the most affectionate dog. My family loves her,” Kristen told Today. “She fits right into our family. It’s been great.”

Strawberry is such a beautiful dog, and we’re so happy that she has found a home to love her just the way she is!

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