Murray and his siblings were found on Dead Dog Beach- a stretch of land known as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Among the abandoned pups, a tiny Weimaraner puppy lay with his two brothers. Murray was born with a skull deformity which caused him to look crooked with a misshapen head. Although survival wasn’t in his favor, fate shone down on Murray as if guardian angels surrounded him.

While on the desolate beach in Puerto Rico, all three puppies contracted distemper, an unrelenting disease that claims the lives of many who suffer from it. Murray’s brother both passed away and the puppy was now alone, desperate for help to arrive. Thankfully, a rescue group spotted Murray and took him in. They flew him to the United States where he stood a fighting chance.

But even though Murray was now in the States, the odds were still stacked against him. The shelter looked at the deformed dog, who was at death’s door, and deemed him an “ugly puppy.” Due to his appearance and having distemper, they recommended that Murray be put down.

Murray lay on the sterile table and waited for the end to come. But as the attending physician approached, a miracle happened! Murray’s tail began to weakly wag. The doctor put the syringe down. He couldn’t bring himself to euthanize a dog who was fighting so hard for survival.

The pup required intensive treatment for distemper. As he began to recover, his deformity worsened. His tongue permanently hung from his mouth, making his appearance less desirable. But that didn’t deter Mackenzie one bit! The kind young lady heard about the pup and opened her heart and home to the deserving dog.

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Murray, once deemed “ugly,” was beautiful in Mackenzie’s eyes. Yes, his skull was crooked and his tongue permanently hung out, but in the eyes of his loved ones, Murray was perfect. We are so grateful for this happily ever after!

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