When Caitlyn first met Sweet Pea, she knew the black Pit Bull’s chances of finding a forever home were slim. Black Pit Bulls are not a popular breed to adopt, but Caitlyn couldn’t resist giving Sweet Pea a chance at a new life. Found as a stray, Sweet Pea was severely underweight, her stomach sagging from overbreeding, and her ears bent backward – possibly from a botched cropping attempt. Regardless, Caitlyn saw something special when she looked at Sweet Pea; an unspoken connection that would bond the two for the rest of Sweet Pea’s life.

From the moment Caitlyn picked her up, Sweet Pea’s big, terrified eyes revealed the emotional scars she carried. Caitlyn was determined to provide a safe and loving environment for Sweet Pea to heal and grow. At first, Sweet Pea was too scared to leave the house or go for walks. However, when Caitlyn began bringing her other dog, Tater Tot, along on walks, Sweet Pea slowly emerged from her shell.

Tater Tot, a dog-selective pup who Caitlyn had for three years, quickly fell in love with Sweet Pea. The two dogs bonded over their shared anxieties and helped each other overcome their fears. Nowadays, Sweet Pea refuses to go for walks unless the entire family is all together.

Despite her traumatic past, Sweet Pea has blossomed into a loving and affectionate dog. She enjoys keeping her paws on her human’s hand, receiving head pats, and comforting her loved ones when they’re upset. The trio has become inseparable, with Sweet Pea always following Tater Tot and Caitlyn wherever they go.

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While Sweet Pea may not receive many compliments from strangers, the staff at Dunkin’ Donuts have become fans of the adorable duo. Caitlyn believes that Pit Bulls like Sweet Pea are often misunderstood and not given a fair chance. She has learned that a lot of a dog’s behavior is based on the environment and the person they are with. When Caitlyn is calm, her dogs are calm as well.

From April to October, Sweet Pea underwent five surgeries, and there were days when Caitlyn didn’t know if she would make it. However, Sweet Pea never gave up on herself, proving to be a resilient and tough dog. Caitlyn often tells Sweet Pea how grateful she is for her strength and perseverance.

Caitlyn, Tater Tot, and Sweet Pea often visit Caitlyn’s mom at work, where there is a vast field for the dogs to play. Sweet Pea will play with Tater Tot for a bit before standing protectively next to Caitlyn or her mom. Even off-leash, Sweet Pea never strays far from her family’s side.

Having overcome her difficult past, Sweet Pea now lives a happy life, enjoying simple pleasures like lying outside in the sunshine. Her inspiring story is a testament to the power of love, patience, and understanding in helping a traumatized dog heal and find her bliss.

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