A touching story of trust between an injured stray dog and humans unfolded when a fisherman reached out for help after spotting the dog wandering by a river. The dog, covered in cockleburs and with a possible broken leg, hesitated to approach the rescuer at first. However, he eventually chose to trust humans again, leading to a heartwarming journey of recovery and love.

Upon closer inspection, the rescuer noticed the dog’s front leg was shaking and he was unable to bear weight on it. His body was covered in cockleburs, making it difficult for him to lie down and rest. The rescuer decided to name the dog Spike and quickly brought him home for further care. The initial diagnosis revealed a fracture in Spike’s leg, requiring surgery.

Before the surgery, Spike’s fur was shaved to remove the cockleburs, and he was given a bath. Spike was now ready to go into the vet clinic for his operation. Thanks to the doctor’s efforts, the surgery was successful, and Spike began his long road to recovery.

During his recovery, Spike was given hard-boiled eggs in the shell to provide nutrients and calcium. After a week in the hospital, he still had several months of healing ahead of him. However, his rescuer promised to be by his side throughout the entire process.

Four months later, Spike’s hair had grown back, and he underwent a second surgery to remove the steel plates and nails from his leg. With his leg bones healed, Spike regained the ability to walk and was ready to start a new chapter in his life.

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A few days later, an adopter was found for Spike, and he quickly settled into his new home, bringing joy to the entire family. With doggy smiles and tail wags, Spike was thrilled to find his forever family and couldn’t wait to celebrate his newfound life with them.

Spike’s story is a testament to the power of trust and the kindness of humans who are willing to help animals in need. By rescuing animals like Spike, we not only save their lives but also rescue our own hearts

*Video shows some of Spike’s surgical procedure. Viewer discretion is advised*

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