The story of Malea, a charming dog heartlessly abandoned, is a stark reminder of the sometimes harsh treatment animals receive from their owners. Instead of being showered with love and care, she was callously left in a sweltering dumpster, her fate uncertain. In a Missouri neighborhood, a compassionate individual witnessed this distressing act and reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for assistance. The rescue team, led by Donna Lochmann, the chief life-saving officer, responded promptly to rescue Malea.

Upon arriving, they found Malea inside the dumpster, her eyes conveying a mixture of hope and relief. Her tail began to wag as she saw her rescuers, a smile gracing her face, grateful for their arrival.

The rescuers were deeply moved, struggling to contain their emotions in the face of such cruelty. “We tried to hold back tears, but this really choked us up. It was so hot inside; we’re thankful she didn’t pass out,” the team shared on Facebook.

Lochmann carefully entered the dumpster, comforted Malea, and then gently brought her out. The team took Malea to their shelter in St. Louis, where she showed immense gratitude, showering her rescuers with affectionate licks and kisses. On their way to the shelter, the team received another call about two puppies abandoned in a downtown parking lot. Swiftly, they rescued these joyful puppies and brought them to safety.


Due to the shelter’s full capacity, the puppies were placed in foster care, while Malea joined the shelter’s Rovernight program, a temporary home setup. Natalie Thomson, the rescue’s Director of Marketing, highlighted Malea’s compatibility with other dogs and gentleness with children, as she enjoyed her temporary loving home.

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The three rescued dogs are now basking in love and care, eagerly awaiting permanent homes. Their stories underscore the importance of intervening when animals are in distress. A simple call can save lives, as demonstrated by the Good Samaritan who alerted the rescue to Malea’s plight, ensuring her timely rescue.

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