Waking up in the middle of the night to a strange sound is something that everyone experiences. It’s possible it’s a cat outside or someone else in the house who wants a drink. Things that go bump in the night became all too real for one woman in Oklahoma.

It was not her dog or a family member rummaging around. It was, however, a coyote that had gotten trapped in her room.

“I woke up and the cat and the coyote came running into my room. It was still dark.”

Her screaming alerted the entire household, who refused to allow the coyote out of their bedroom until the police arrived. It is thought that a wild animal managed to get in through the home’s backdoor. Apparently, the door was not locked properly, so the coyote charged at it in an attempt to open it.

Police captured the coyote with catcher poles, carried it outside, and let it go. There were no injuries, but a number of people were on edge that evening.


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