Many of us are concerned about who would care for our pets if we were to pass away. This tale is a teaching to all of us: be ready. We may never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

An elderly gentleman passed away. He was not prepared and his dog was given to a new family. For an entire year, this new family severely neglected Cocos’s beloved companion, a Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog named Cocos. Their beautiful coats need constant care. Their lengthy hair can get snagged and wrap around their eyes if it is not groomed on a regular basis.

His new family, however, didn’t care to groom him and his coat grew out of control into a tangled mess that actually impeded his mobility and respiration. This wasn’t simply a cosmetic issue; it was life or going to the Rainbow Bridge.

Cocos was neglected, and he didn’t just lose out on regular grooming; he was completely overlooked! All dogs require activity and affection, as well as a balanced diet and regular grooming. He was left alone in the kitchen like he wasn’t even there.

As you can see, getting Cocos to relax took a lot of effort. He didn’t even appear like a dog!

Back at the facility, Cocos was taken to a veterinarian. They worked for over three hours to remove all of his matted hair. They discovered sores and infections beneath the fur that had been rubbing his skin raw.

Is that an eye? Oh my goodness, there he is… !

A gorgeous dog appears after three hours. Cocos can breathe and move. He just needs the ideal forever family who will never let him down now.

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Elena, on the other hand, was just what Cocos needed. She was well-informed about Sheepdogs and eager to provide him with a good life.  She knows how to keep him active and healthy by trimming his fur. Just take a look at him now! That’s one happy dog!

Finally, after a long wait, Coco is able to live the life he deserves!

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