It’s truly heartbreaking how cruel some people are towards animals, but thankfully there are also kind people willing to go out of their way to help these poor creatures.

When a dog was recently found with a zip-tie around her neck, a truck driver stopped to help, leading to a happy ending.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a female puppy was found beside an I-10 ramp in Benson on October 20. Someone had wrapped a zip tie tightly around her neck.

Thankfully, a good samaritan stopped to help. A truck driver saw the scared, suffering animal on the side of the road and pulled over to free her from the zip tie. He gave her water and stayed until a trooper arrived.

According to the department, the puppy had a swollen neck and bloodshot eyes, but was “still friendly despite her ordeal.”

The trooper then took the pup to the Benson Animal Shelter, keeping her comfortable with a blanket along the way.

According to a tweet from the department, the Benson Animal Shelter said that the dog was “doing remarkably well” after treatment, and is now in a foster home pending adoption.

“She is doing Amazingly great!” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “She has a home once she is spayed and fully recovered from her tragic event.”

“Great work by everyone who came together to help this pup!” the Arizona DPS wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to the truck driver who stopped to save her, and to Benson Animal Shelter for caring for her.”

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It’s heartbreaking that anyone would zip tie a puppy like that, but we’re glad this beautiful puppy is safe now and will soon have a great new home. Thank you to everyone who helped save her ❤️

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