It’s always fun to see a dog who looks just like a fictional character — we’ve seen dogs that look like Batman, Zorro and Snoopy.

Recently, one dog went viral for her striking resemblance to a beloved video game character… and it helped her find her forever home.

The Clearfield County SPCA, in Pennsylvania, recently took in a Boston Terrier/Pitbull Terrier Mix named Lindner who was surrendered by her owner.

According to The Dodo, she came from a home with too many dogs and was in rough shape, dirty and malnourished. But in the shelter’s care, she regained weight and began to “flourish.”

Soon, she was placed up for adoption. According to her profile, Linder loves to play with toys and soak up lots of attention. She was looking for a home that would provide “time and patience” to teach her commands and potty training.

Lindner soon went viral, thanks to her unique appearance. One of the striking things about her is the two black spots above her eyes that resemble eyebrows.

“Have you ever seen a cuter little girl? I went and got my eyebrows done just for you! Just kidding, I was born this beautiful,” the SPCA wrote.

And Nintendo fans quickly pointed out that Lindner bears a striking resemblance to K.K. Slider, the guitar-playing dog from the Animal Crossing video game series.

“KK Slider!! Let’s start your music career!” one comment reads.

“My dude KK Slider needs a furever home on your island, yall!” another wrote. Many more posted photos and gifs of the beloved character.

While many of us spent our pandemic lockdown perfecting our Animal Crossing islands to get KK to play a concert for us (if you know you know), the shelter staff say they had never heard of the character or the game, and Lindner’s viral popularity took them by surprise.

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“We knew with her markings and personality that she was a very special girl — we just weren’t aware of how popular she would become,” shelter manager Alyssa Hammond told The Dodo.

Lindner’s popularity online also led to some amazing news for the shelter dog.

On October 14, the Clearfield County SPCA wrote that after Lindner “made the internet go absolutely insane,” it led to a “happy ending.”

“Lindner has found her forever home,” they wrote on Facebook. “We know that she is in good hands and will flourish in the years to come. We can’t wait to see you all grown up Lindner!”

What an amazing happy ending for Lindner! We’re so glad she has a home! Sometimes looking like a “celebrity” can help a lot!